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Arize Roofing will assist you with your business roofing needs in the Vancouver area. Arize Roofing has been offering expert general contracting services to companies throughout. We work with all types of commercial establishments, such as manufacturing, industrial, retail, convenience stores, medical facilities, government offices, and many others. Our diverse team of construction professionals will do whatever it takes to help you meet your project goals, whether they are short-term or long-term.

Exceptional Torch-On and Flat roofing Services for Commercial Buildings in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

Arize Roofing Specialists brings a service unmatched in lower mainland Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We strive to push the envelope in the commercial roofing industry, using new high-quality materials and technology. 

We specialize in commercial or industrial roofing for new projects, repairs or maintenance, and inspections. Our workmanship is what sets us apart from other roofing contractors in the industry. We provide an economical yet high-quality torch-on and flat roofing service that will protect your building and improve energy efficiency leading to increased lifespan & value of your building. No project is too big or small for our expert roofers, whether you have a large high-rise building or small storefront, we can accommodate and provide exactly what your business requires. 

Quality Roofing

Our Roofs are built to last and we stand behind our work. Using the most energy-efficient, sustainable, and high quality materials we are able to offer a service that screams High Quality!


We pride ourselves in providing a safe workplace for its customers and roofers. Before each project the site is assessed by our crews to ensure the work is completed safely as possible.

Value of our Work

We offer routine maintenance packages that are scheduled so you have a peace of mind. Our long lasting work creates incredible value that is cost friendly. We back our work with a 10 year warranty.

What is Torch-On Roofing?

Arize Roofing specializes in torch-on roofing for commercial and industrial buildings. This cost-effective, durable solution is widely popular in the commercial roofing industry.  

Torch-On Roofing is a mixture of asphalt and resin. The combination of this material provides a highly resistant roof that is protected from weather, debris, pests, rot, and other damages. As the lower mainland’s climate is usually wet, this is your best choice for a long lasting roof to protect your building.

With Torch-On Roofing in Vancouver the results achieved are strong and cost efficient. This type of roofing is extremely weather resistant, and provides superior waterproofing for more than 20 years. 

What is HyKote Sprayable Mastic?

A flexible, high-performance, watertight, puncture-resistant ready-to-use single component fluid-applied styrene ethylene butylene styrene (SEBS) liquid resin used in various restoration and waterproofing applications.

HyKote™ 1000 Sprayable Mastic incorporates high performance micro-fiber reinforcement technology to maximize strength and durability properties. When spray applied, it will mold into a strong, monolithic, self-flashing and reinforced waterproofing membrane to be utilized in roofing restoration applications and repairs.

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Commercial Metal Roofing in Vancouver

What is Metal Roofing?

For commercial buildings, metal roofing is one of the most popular commercial roof choices available today. And when installed properly – a metal roof can offer decades of long-term performance. In fact. Some metal roofing systems can last 60 years or longer.

Metal roofing offers an attractive alternative to other commonly used materials. While other options may have lower upfront costs, they often have a much shorter life expectancy and require frequent maintenance. A metal roof also provides both fire resistance and energy efficiency, reducing cooling costs by 10-25%.

What Types of buildings can you use metal roofing?

Metal roofing is used on a variety of commercial buildings and residential homes. Common applications include warehouses, churches, schools, office buildings, industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, resorts and other hospitality, community buildings, farms, auto shops, aircraft hangars, breweries, casinos, fitness centers, and much more. However, it is not recommended to install Metal Roofing on a flat roof.


Metal roofing offers a plethora of cosmetic options such as styles of metal roofing, color options, various panel sizes, and more. Metal roofing can be a great option if you are going for a particular look for your business.

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